Glynn Dromey Spearing Competition Results

2010-03-30 By Admin

The comp went ahead on Saturday in very trying conditions. Unlike the forecast of 10-15 knots the wind of 20-25 knots southwest made for some interesting. Seas on top of the 1.8metre swell. Certainly in our 5metre phantom centre console it was slow going. We dived in 4 metre viz in 8 metres of water. The viz improved to 5-6 metres, in 20 metres. It was the dirtiest I have ever seen Lancelin water. It may have been due to the recent heavy rain causing Moore River to flow or the silt from the dredging of Fremantle Port brought up by a current. Either way it was unusually dirty even allowing for the seas and swell.

Back at the beach nearly everyone stuck it out to the end with Matt and Ben last in with 15 minutes to spare. Retrieval was made easy by the beach being very firm and unlike previous years all boats were trailered without assistance. All divers reported in well (once back on terra firma) and uninjured.

No boats reported any damage.

The Results:

First Place: Graham Gould and Joe Petrovich with 4 fish and 717 points

Second Place: Graeme Carlisle and Matthew Chave with 3 fish and 504 points

Third Place: Ben Campbell and Matthew Goodfellow with 2 fish and 493 points

Most Meritorious: Joe Petrovich with a 1.2kg King George Whiting

Mystery Fish: Darren Walker with a 3.2kg Baldchin Groper

Of the 14 pairs who entered, 8 weighed a total of 16 fish:

4 Silver Trevally, 3 Baldchin Groper, 3 Samson Fish, 2 Foxfish and
1 each of: King George Whiting, Breaksea Cod, Sea Sweep and Queen Snapper

Well done to all who participated in what turned out to be very trying conditions.


Joe Petrovich

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