2012 WAUC only, Beagles Spearfishing comp results

2012-05-15 By Admin

Beagles wrap up – Joe Petrovich

We arrived at the site on Friday night not hitting any animals but passing through a booze bus about 10kms north of the Lanno turnoff. The cops were positioned well at the bottom of a gully which meant that doing 100kmh there was no chance of turning around before they spotted you. Zoran was stopped and found Fisheries were there as well. Not much point, he was going not coming.

Most guys rocked up Friday night with Cam arriving Saturday morning having launched at Leeman. He dove Corner Break and picked up a Spanish which weighed in at 21.22kgs gutted and gilled. A bloody good effort considering the 4-7m viz. Sina drove up in his car and arrived without a partner. He dove with Nick Croukamp out of Troy Eggins’ boat.

With the finish time extended to 3pm and a brisk morning there wasn’t the mad scramble to launch. The winds were light to moderate nor-easters and the swell low. The weed on the beach was mid-thigh high but someone had cleared a path to the water’s edge meaning the road crew wasn’t required. Even though the swell had risen to 5 metres early in the week our hopes were high and we headed northwest to dive the shallow reefs for our demersals figuring that the pelagics in the deeper water could wait. Arriving at the first spot Ryan bagged a 6kg Dhuie and a skippy. I got a Baldie and a Foxfish. Viz was 4m at the surface but by diving to near the bottom it improved and I found plenty of caves and swim throughs.

On its’ day this area is very fishy and in hindsight we should’ve stayed as the other spots had similar viz and less fish. Jumping in at the Pothole Ryan found two 8kg Dhuies under the boat but no other species. Out the back of the main break viz was 4-5m at 18m on the sand so we gave that up as a bad joke. Swimming back to the boat I had a 7 foot Sandbar Whaler rattle up at speed and turn at the last moment as I prepared to deliver. He then came at me from behind with the same eagerness before heading over to Ryan who didn’t see him. Not the sort of adrenalin kick you need in dirty water. We dove a couple of other spots and all we saw were more Dhuies around the 45-55cm range. We didn’t manage any pelagics.

Twenty three people entered and ten pairs weighed. The highlights were Cam’s Mackeral, Zoran’s Rainbow Runner, Jack’s Harlequin and Troy allowing Sina to dive with Nick as his partner. All up it was a great day and thanks go to Zoran and Dave for organising crews, boats and buddies. The Club provided around $900.00 worth of prizes with everyone going away with something. Even though it was a competition I think everyone enjoyed the social aspect and the swapping of tales tall and true.


First: Zoran Djuric and Jack Moss with 6 species and 1089 points

Second: Cameron Nilsson-Linne and Mike Bretagne with 4 species and 793 points

Third: Joe Petrovich and Ryan Power with 4 species and 730 points

Fourth: Mike North and Phil with 4 species and 728 points
Fifth: Nick Croukamp and Sina with 4 species and 677 points
Sixth: Nick Extract and Jacques with 4 species and 659 points
Seventh: Sean and Brendan with 3 species and 604 points
Eighth: Ian and Neil with 3 species and 540 points
Ninth: Gerhardt and Julian with 2 species and 387 points
Tenth: Jon and Sam with 2 species and 321 points.