WAUC offers subsidised freedive courses!

2012-11-09 By Admin

Shallow water blackout is by far the main cause of fatalities from freedive spearfishing.

The WAUC is providing all members with the oppurtunity to apply for a subsidized freedive course run by Erez Beatus of Apnea Australia.


Cost to successful applicants will be $225.00, normal cost $550

There are 22 places up for grabs.

The knowledge gained from the course will assist in the awareness of the dangers of freediving. The aim is to develop and foster a culture and practice of safe freediving. Graham has emailed all members the application forms, if you haven’t received your copy, message me and I will pass it on. You must be a current financial member to be eligible.


Freediving Leadership Course Poster

WAUC Leadership Application Part 1

WAUC Leader Course Application Part 2