Jurien Bay FAD’s by WAUC and Recfish West

2013-01-16 By Admin

West Australian Undersea Club is extremely proud to present a new group of FAD’s off Jurien Bay to the WA Spearfishing and Fishing community.

The FADs were deployed 15 January 2013 after WAUC member Jamie Moir successfully secured a grant through Recfish West (www.recfishwest.org.au)

The FADs are at the following coordinates:

WAUC North
30° 13.0576′ S
114° 34.6623′ E

WAUC Central
30° 17.5194′ S
114° 36.1417′ E

WAUC South
30° 21.6075′ S
114° 37.2768′ E

Please respect the FAD’s as alot of time, effort and money was invested in them. Do not tie your boat onto the FAD and drift dive the FAD’s only. These FAD’s are not exclusive spearo FAD’s as line fisherman have every right to fish them also.

A spearfishing club putting out FAD’s is a first for WA spearfishing, if not, Australian spearfishing!

Well done and thankyou to Jamie Moir and his helpers from WA Undersea Club and Fishwrecked, and support from Recfishwest!

Jamie: “Thanks to club members BenKentF (launching), Byron Smith and Ray (Both splicing) for help as well as the committee for their support.”