Glynn Dromey Spearfishing Comp 2013

2013-04-16 By Admin

Western Australian Undersea Club presents

The Glynn Dromey Memorial Spearfishing Competition for 2013

We rocked up at the sign-in in the half light at twenty past six in the morning to see Jonty handing out forms and collecting money while Nathan was dispensing fresh baked Danish pastries to all. Not your average spearfishing comp.

The Glynn Dromey Memorial Spearfishing Competition has been held annually since 1996 in remembrance of Glynn Dromey who was tragically taken by cancer in the early eighties. Glynn was a WAUC member, was a very good spearo who was enthusiastic and adventurous. Entrants take the day off, organize leave passes, coordinate work schedules, catch buses from Albany, drive up from Bunbury and navigate the difficult journey from the Bluewater Club to attend the premier W.A. spearfishing competition organised by the WAUC.

Conditions on the day were good to excellent with light winds, low swell and a bit of cloud with a chance of rain. They would ease during the day to make for a quick trip between spots. Shaun still managed to get seasick. It was all banter and handshakes until the horn blew at 7 signalling the start, then it was on as boats floored it to their first spot. In all 50 people entered.

Back at the beach Shaun was replacing vital fluids by eating a sausage roll. Troy Eggins was getting help because of trailer problems and we gave Ben Campbell a hand to line up and winch the boat onto the trailer. With Philbo racing the second hand in, the horn sounded to signify the end of an enjoyable day’s diving. His boat made it on the beach, just.

At the weigh-in Chef Nathan with Linda Dromey’s (Glynn’s widow) assistance was cooking up a storm with burgers, sausages, onions, salads and truffle butter. With a Wahoo beer it was a welcoming feast for a horde of hungry spearos. There were non-alcoholic drinks as well. This was followed up with a tray of coconut slices.

With all contestants receiving a Wahoo beer hat and stubby holder to go with their beer introductory speeches were made by Graham Gould and Linda Dromey. Linda had some touching words to say about Glynn as she spoke of his character and his love for the sea. Contestants brought their fish to be weighed on the Club’s certified digital scales. Unlike clockface scales which determine weight by pointing at a notch between larger notches between numbers, these scales are accurate to the second decimal place to a maximum weight of 220 kgs. End of arguments! This level of accuracy proved useful as a few fish missed out on minimum weight by as little as 10 grams. No arguments.

Of the 25 pairs who entered, 19 weighed a total of 93 fish. Some of the more interesting captures were:
• Sean Stephenson’s Spanish Mackerel – 17.94kgs
• Ben Coy’s Spanish Mackerel – 17.96kgs
• Greg Baker’s Dhufish- 11.56kgs
All fish gutted and gilled.

Most commonly weighed:
• 13 Black Spot Goatfish
• 12 Silver Trevally
• 12 Sea Sweep
• 11 Baldchin Groper
• 11 Dhufish

Winners in the Junior pairs: Adam Causton and Nick Extract with 4 species and 867 points

Most Meritorious: Greg Baker with a Dhufish of 11.56kgs
Mystery Fish/Weight: Sean Stephenson

Fifth place: Michael Treble and Cameron Bates with 6 species and 1225 points
Fourth place: Ben Coy and Michael North with 7 species and 1339 points
Third place: Graham Gould and Joseph Petrovich with 7 species and 1391 points
Second place: Troy Eggins and Ben Smith with 7 species and 1420 points

Winners: Dallas Dunlop and Graham Carlisle with 8 species and 1660 points.

Sponsors who generously donated:

  • Aimrite for 2 spearguns for the Juniors
  • 1Breath Spearfishing for fins, masks, knives, reel, gun bag and floatline
  • Dunsborough Sportz for the speargun and weight vest
  • One Breath Diving for the roller gun and reel
  • Gage roads for the Wahoo beer, caps and stubby holders.
  • Muhling Marine for the service vouchers
  • Adreno for the 5mm wetsuit
  • DiveR for the carbon blades
  • Penetrator for the composite blades
  • SDM for magazine subscriptions and t-shirts
  • Darren Aitken for rigged up spears.

To the people who helped: Aleks for gathering prizes from sponsors, promotion of comp and help on the day, Dave Stickland for gathering prizes from sponsors, Jonty for help on the day, Chef Nathan for the food, Linda Dromey for helping out, Sam for helping out on the day, Graham Gould for helping out and to anyone else whom I have forgotten, sorry, and thank you.


Joe Petrovich