WAUC Rottnest Island Crayfish competition 2013

2013-11-19 By Admin

WAUC Crayfish Competition for 2013

The Allure of the Azure, otherwise known as a day in Thompsons Bay, was held by the WAUC for the weigh-in of the crayfish competition for 2013. Conditions were as forecast with a freshish nor-easter early dropping to below ten knots by 10 on a swell of 1.25.

The crayfish season for the recreational fishers was extended a month and opened on October 15. It was a surprise announcement by the government but seemed to coincide with an improvement in the weather. The previous 2 months were crap. It also meant we had to consider earlier dates for holding the Club’s annual crayfish competition.

Leaving it for a month gave people a chance to get their breath back and brush up on their looping skills. From what I saw on the Club’s website and facetube pages there were some very good catches. Photos were shown, some new, some of past glories. Everyone was keen.

The date was set, albeit with only 9 days notice but the conditions looked good. Discussions were held at last Tuesday’s Club meeting at Perth Scuba about where to go and various other tips. It was also where I found a torch which doesn’t spook crays but, scares the bank balance. An infra red for over $500.00, and that is a good price. They certainly have some interesting gear there if you’re into photography and well worth a chat.

Every year we hold the weigh-in at Rotto and every year there are more moorings with bigger and sleeker vessels attached. We came into Thommos from the east and the scene reminded me of an aquatic version of Tetris. Any more moreings and couple of those boats will produce offspring. It wasn’t much different on the beach were boats where packed tighter than some spearo’s banknotes. Next year, bring an old boat or fenders.

We had about 25 members competing with 13 submitting entries. Prizes were awarded for single crays for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd heaviest and 2 mystery weights. Mystery weights were determined by a random number generator (ask 2 people for a number from1-9) and the decimal part of the weight determined the recipients of this prize. Heaviest crays were weighed on digital scales. Total prize pool came to $450.00, one prize per person and was sponsored out of Club resources. Cray loops (long and short), catch bags, safety sausages and an underwater torch.

Entry was free for financial WAUC members

1st Ryan Power with a cray of 3.19kg
2nd Sean Stephenson with a cray of 2.70kg
3rd Joe Petrovich with a cray of 2.65kg
Mystery weight prizes for nearest to .64 and .27 went to Adam with 0.64kg and Paul with 2.25kg.

All Entries

Graham: 1.46kg
Aleks: 1.78kg
Ben: 1.60kg
Joel: 1.35kg
Jules: 1.42kg
Nathan: 1.57kg
Adam: 0.64kg
Paul: 2.25kg
Sean: 2.70kg
Joe: 2.65kg
Ryan: 3.19kg
Tim: 0.57kg
Steven: 0.46kg