Dive and Fish Rotto Cray Competition 2016

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Dive and Fish Rotto Cray Competition 2016

Conditions were looking ideal leading up to the competition, sub 1m swell and under 10 knot winds for the morning. 15+ knot winds were forecasted for the mid afternoon.

Come weigh in time, jumbos weren’t frequently weighed as in previous years. Depending on where one dove, the sea was relatively surgey and saw many jumbo holes empty or they were hiding deep sheltering from the surge.
With $1000 worth of prizes being given away, it saw 12 WAUC boats on the beach come the 1pm deadline. With some 45 people in attendance under the gazebo for the free food and weigh in proceedings in the picturesque Thomson’s bay.

Now to the winners: 

1st  – Nathan Goh – Crayfish weighing 3.36kgs
2nd – Joe Petrovich 3.14kgs
3rd – Phil Carson 3.04kgs

Combined weight of 3 Cray’s winner – Nathan Goh (8.98kgs)
However Nathan cant take home 2 prizes, next best was Joe – 8.1kgs – Joe cant win twice either, next was Heidi – 7.48kgs
Random mystery weight – Ben Coy – 2.66kgs
Lightest/smallest legal cray – Des Swartz -380grams
In closing, a big thanks to club sponsor Dive and Fish (www.diveandfish.com.au) for the prizes and club sponsorship once again for another year. Without our sponsors these events wouldn’t be possible, so please support them!
Also thanks to the WA Undersea Club, specifically its members Chris Barnes, Ben Coy, Joe Petrovich, Graham Gould and Aleks Ceklic for their help in running the event.






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