Metro lotto pairs comp

2018-03-27 By Admin

 This weekend coming we are planning to run the Metro Lotto Pairs Spearfishing Competition. Pairs for this comp are randomly generated. 
To be entered in this comp you need to PM Michael Treble with your interest in being involved. 

You will need to let me know the following and with this information I will allocate you into either category A or B. 

Experienced Spearo Y/N 
Do you have access to a boat for the comp u can use Y/N 
You do need to do the above by Friday morning at the latest prior to the random pairs being generated. 
The pairs will then be put together from either category on Friday at approx lunchtime. 

There will be no official first, second or third prize given out instead all prizes will be given out using a random number generator. So meaning you have just as good as a chance as anyone else competing to get a prize you just need to be in it to win it. You will how ever win bragging rights if you do come first which if it happens to me I’ll let everyone know about it at least twice. 
If the comp does for some reason not go ahead due to the weather the pairs chosen will remain the same until the next good weather window comes around. If for some reason one of the pairs is not available on the next day it will be run let me know as there may be others who possibly may be in the same boat.

This is a members only competition and if you are looking at joining please follow this link