Year Long Dhu Competition Rules

Rules for the WAUC year long Dhu Competition

1 – Photos must be posted on the WAUC Gold public Facebook group with the tag #WAUC in the description. Please note it is preferable not to mention the fish’s weight.
2 – Divers must be breath-hold spearfishing and fully submerged at time of capture. No breathing aid other than a snorkel is permitted.

3 – Entries of all fish must be emailed through to [email protected] stating diver’s name, date of capture, location, weight and length of fish.
4 – Entries are to include clear photos of the fish on scales displaying weight, the fishes length, a trophy photo and a picture of the scales certification sticker.
5 – Fish are to be weighed whole. Gutted fish will be accepted, albeit at the lower weight.
6 – Competition entry must be within 28 days from date of capture, including picture submissions.

7 – Only trade certified scales or digital scales with 50gr or better accuracy and a calibration report that is no more than 2 years old. Feel free to contact the club in regards to the location of suitable scales should you not have access.

1st $150 voucher to any of our current sponsors stores
2nd Club Hoody, T-shirt and WAUC Cap
3rd Club T-Shirt and Cap.

The winner will be announced at next years AGM