WAUC Events 2022/2023

Monthly Social Meetings

WAUC social meetings are held every month – alternating from North to South of the river. We welcome all new members and visitors. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages and groups for more up to date information! Alternitavely, call one of our committee members! You can find their details if you click here!

Competition and events schedule

Rottnest Cray Competition
5th November 2022

Perth Metro Comp
14th January 2023

Albany Comp
4th March 2023

Glynn Dromey
29th April 2023

Dampier Competition
12th August 2023


Single Fish ALL YEAR competitions (free entry for WAUC members)

Dates: 01/07/2022-30/06/2023

• TOPO DC  Heaviest WA Dhufish (Rules here)

• Heaviest Trout, common and Bar Cheek only. (here)

• Aimrite Mackerel1000 (prizes as per promotional posters) Entry cost applies.

Rules here    Enter fish here 

• Old Mane Blue Year Long Cray fish Comp RULES (here)


Winners announced at the next AGM approx 01/07/2023 – venue TBA

Standard competition species list can be found here

Standard competition rules can be found here

Rules can be found here