Old Man Blue Cray Competition

Old Man Blue Cray Competition Rules

1. Competition runs for the full length of the financial year, starting on the 1st of July and concluding on 30th June the following year. Any crayfish, photo, video or story caught in between these dates can be entered.
2. This competition is only open to WAUC members. While photos, videos and stories can be entered from any time in the financial year once joined, crayfish entered into the heaviest weight category can only be entered if you are a member at the time of the capture.
3. The Rock lobster must be caught in Australian waters.
4. Divers must be breath-hold spearfishing and fully submerged at time of capture. No breathing aid other than a snorkel is permitted.
5. For the weighing of crayfish any scale with an accuracy of 0.05kg is deemed acceptable. A witness must be present when weighing the cray. Certification is not necessary.
6. All crayfish must be caught by using legal means and caught in an area, and at a time, that it is legal to do so.
7. By entering you agree that any part of your entry (photo, video or story) can be used by WA Undersea Club Inc. and Old Man Blue.
8. As well as being photographed, the weighing process should be video recorded and a copy kept for future verification.
9. I agree that it is my own responsibility that I am physically fit and qualified for engaging in the Old Man Blue Cray Competition.
10. Entries should be posted on social media with the tags-
@waundersea @OldManBlueDive @OldManBlue #OMBcray23
By Entering you agree to the following conditions-
I realise that such diving and spearfishing activities inherently have dangers to my person from or caused by currents, sea conditions, sharks, other marine creatures, the activity of other people in boats and in the water and their equipment. I at least have a general understanding of the
term “shallow water blackout”. I realise that the activity of breath-hold diving involves the danger of shallow water blackout, if not conducted with caution and due care on my part.
For the consideration of the facilities, equipment, services and advice provided by you, I, for myself, my executors, administrators, assignees, and for the child (if applicable) hereby absolutely release and discharge the West Australian Undersea Club Inc. Including it’s individual members, committee, their agents, appointees and assigns, from and against all claims


whatsoever arising out of the death, personal injury, loss of or damage to personal property, that I or the child (if applicable), may suffer or sustain in any way connected with the abovementioned spearfishing competition. Also, I hereby indemnify and agree to keep indemnified indefinitely, the West Australian Undersea Club Inc. Including its committee its individual members, their agents, all appointees and assigns against all claims whatsoever, by me or the child or by any person claiming through me, or through the child on my behalf, in any way arising, and this discharge may be pleaded in bar to any such claim.