Glynn Dromey Competition Rules and Entrant Form

Glynn Dromey Memorial Shield Rules & Entry are below.

The below rules must be read and adhered to and the agreement must be filled out by all entrants, the agreement will be available upon competition sign on in Lancelin, alternitavely you can print the rules and agreeement at the links below.

For the Microsoft Word version click here and for the PDF version click here

  1. This is a pairs competition, with an entry fee of $60 per pair ($30 each). Entry is open to everyone, including non-members of the club.
  2. Sign on for competition will be at Lancelin Beach next to main jetty (Miragliotta Street, Lancelin) between 6:15 and 6:45am.
  3. Following sign on, there will be a divers briefing held on the beach at 6:45am prior to the start of the competition window. One person from each pair must be present at the divers briefing. At conclusion of divers briefing, competition will begin.
  4. Divers may launch/enter the water from whatever location suits, provided they return to weigh in location in the designated time period.
  5. Weigh in will be at Lancelin Angling & Aquatic Club (Lot 1022 Hopkins Street, Lancelin) from 2:00pm.
  6. Divers must return to weigh in location and be signed off before 2:00pm. It is up to competitors to ensure they allow ample time to retrieve boat and return to venue in the allotted time period. Any entrants returning after 2:00pm will be disqualified.
  7. Glynn Dromey is a freediving only competiton.
  8. Pairs must dive from the same boat or enter the water at the same location.
  9. Boat skippers are responsible for making sure their vessel meets the minimum safety requirements and takes necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their crew. This includes all required safety equipment (flares, EPIRB, lifejackets), logging on/off with sea rescue, knowing the limitations of their vessel, adjusting to conditions on the day and having adequate fuel.
  10. A clearly visible dive flag must be used whilst divers are in the water, and all divers are strongly encouraged to dive with a float and float line.
  11. It is everyone’s responsibility to have the correct fishing licence(s) and be aware of marine sanctuary zones. Any competitors found diving in a sanctuary zone during the competition window will be disqualified.
  12. All local bag and size limits are to be adhered to. IE pairs will be limited to weighing only 4 demersal fish in the West Coast bioregion.
  13. Only 1 fish of each species can be submitted per pair.
  14.  All fish are to be submitted for weighing, gutted and bled. All guts from the neck back are to be removed. Divers should ensure they look after their catch and present fish in an edible condition.
  15.  Prizes awarded for Overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd pairs, Top Female Pair, Most Meritorious Fish and a mystery weight prize for any fish weighed on the day. Additional categories may be added in lead-up to the event.
  16. Competitors can only win one prize category, except for Most Meritorious Fish, which shall be awarded to the most standout fish entered on the day. Competition organisers have the final say on prize allocation.
  17. Should the day be cancelled due to adverse weather or other circumstances, the competition will be postponed to the following suitable day/weekend.
  18. Competition organisers reserve the right to disqualify anyone under suspicion of foul play.
  19. WAUC takes cheating very seriously, anyone caught cheating will be disqualified and banned from future club events.

Glynn Dromey Memorial Shield Release Agreement

  1. I agree that it is my own responsibility that I am physically fit and qualified for engaging in the Glynn Dromey Memorial Shield Pairs Spearfishing competition.
  2. I realize that such diving and spearfishing activities inherently have dangers to my person from or caused by currents, sea conditions, sharks and other marine creatures, the activity of other people in boats and in the water and their equipment.
  3. I realise that the activity of breath hold diving (known as freediving) involves dangers that can include “shallow water black out” if not conducted with caution and due care on my part. I have at least a general understanding of the term “shallow water blackout” and understand the other risks associated with breath hold diving .
  4. I understand that advice and information provided on the competition area and conditions are given in good faith but this advice and information should be treated with caution with final decisions being the responsibility of the competitor,
  5. I understand that it is a best practice to conduct freedive spearfishing whilst towing a float with flag
  6. For the consideration of the facilities, equipment, and services and advice provided by you, I, for myself, my executors, administrators and assigns, and for the child (if applicable) herby absolutely release and discharge the, it’s individual members, their agents, appointees and assigns, from and against all claims whatsoever arising out of the death, personal injury loss of or damage to personal property, that I or the child (if applicable), may suffer or sustain in any way connected with the above mentioned spearfishing competition, and I hereby indemnify and agree to keep indemnified West Australian Undersea Club It’s member clubs, and it’s individual members, their agents, all appointees and assigns against all claims whatsoever by me or the child or by any person claiming through me, or through the child on my behalf, in any way arising, and this discharge may be pleaded in bar to any such claim.
  7. The fish I spear remain in my possession. I am responsible for adhering to the size limits, bag limits and other restrictions placed on my catch under government legislation.
  8. I have read the competition’s rules and agree to abide by them.
  9. I have read the above and understand its meaning and effect and declare that I am over 18 years of age.

Divisions:  Open 

Entrant 1 Name       ___________________________          Entrant 2 Name         __________________________                                  

Signature ___________________________          Signature   ___________________________

Date         ___________________________          Date           ___________________________

Age         ___________for Juniors                 Age             _____________For Juniors    


If under 18 years of age, guardians’ names and signatures are required

Guardian ____________________________            Guardian  ____________________________

Signature ____________________________           Signature ____________________________

Date        ____________________________              Date       ____________________________

Vessel Details

Craft / Vessel Registration ___________________ Length______________________________

General Description: ___________________________________________________________

For Example* blue and white fibreglass centre console with 140hp Suzuki outboard