Rules for Claiming a Record

WAUC Rules for claiming a Record

1. Club Records may only be claimed by financial members  

2. The fish must be speared in Australian waters.  

3. Divers must be breath-hold spearfishing and fully submerged at time of capture. No breathing aid other than a snorkel is permitted.  

4. Fish capture must be unassisted from other divers. Types of assistance from a second diver that would deem a fish ineligible for entry would include (but not limited to) the placing of a second shot, handling of the rig line, passing a loaded gun, handling of the fish before it has been subdued. Any other unforeseen circumstances that might hinder a fish’s credibility outside of the above-mentioned guideline, please note conditions on submission of fish and the record officer will accept or deny entry on a case by case basis.  

5. All speared fish to be weighed whole. Fish that may have already been gutted prior to weighing will still be accepted, albeit at the lower weight.  

6. Fish must be weighed on trade certified scales or high quality digital scales with 50gr or better accuracy and a calibration report that is no more than 2 years old. If the Fish is below 2kg Higher accuracy scales should be used. Fish should be weighed on solid ground wherever possible. Fish weighed at sea or with someone holding the scales, will be heavily scrutinized and may hinder the fish’s legitimacy. however if this is the only option in remote areas, a video of the weighing process must be submitted. Feel free to contact the club on potential locations of verified scales in your area should you not have access.  

7. Minimum Species entry weight is 0.150kg.  

8. As well as being photographed, the weighing process should be video recorded and a copy kept for future verification. Whilst a video submission is not mandatory for the record claim, should the fish’s legitimacy be questioned, a video review may be required. This can be shared via a private link  

9. All photographs will become the property of WA Undersea Club Inc.  

10. Completed entries must be received within 365 days from the date of capture of the fish.  

11. The Record officer reserves the right to question any witness, examine the scales used for weighing, or refuse any incomplete or suspect applications. The committee will have final say on any suspect applications  

12. To be recognized as a new Club Spearfishing Record, a fish between 150 grams and 2 kilograms in weight must exceed the existing record by at least 50 grams. A fish exceeding the existing record by less than this amount will be considered an equal record. Likewise, a fish exceeding 2 kilograms in weight
must exceed the existing record by at least 100grams.