Mackerel 1000 Competition Rules

A printly friendly PDF verison of the rules can be found here.

Mackerel 1000 Competition Rules

1. Competition runs for the full length of the financial year, starting on the 1st of July and concluding on 30th June the following year.

2. Sign-on can occur at any time during competition period, however, there must be a 7 day waiting period from receipt of sign-on forms and payment, to the date of first fish entry. Meaning, you can’t shoot a big Mackerel, then decide to join the competition. You MUST officially join the competition first, wait 7 days, and only then are you eligible to shoot and enter a fish.

3. The Spanish Mackerel (Scomberomorus commerson) must be speared in Australian waters.

4. Divers must be breath-hold spearfishing and fully submerged at time of capture. No breathing aid other than a snorkel is permitted.

5. Fish capture must be unassisted from other divers. Types of assistance from a second diver that would deem a fish ineligible for entry would include (but not limited to) the placing of a second shot, handling of the rig line, passing a loaded gun, handling of the fish before it has been subdued. Any other unforeseen circumstances that might hinder a fishes credibility outside of the above-mentioned guideline, please note conditions on submission of fish and competition organisers will accept or deny entry on a case by case basis.

6. All speared fish to be weighed whole. Fish that may have already been gutted prior to weighing will still be accepted, albeit at the lower weight.

7. Fish must be weighed on trade certified scales or high quality digital scales with 50gr or better accuracy and a calibration report no more than 2 years old. Scales can typically be found at fishing clubs, Butchers, Green Grocers, Fishmongers etc, or if required WA Undersea club has members with certified scales located locally north or south of the river for fish weighing.

8. Minimum Spanish Mackerel entry weight is 10kg.

9. As well as being photographed, the weighing process shall be video recorded and a copy kept for future verification. A video of the weighing process must be submitted if requested by competitions committee.

10. One prize only per person in each section. The mystery weight prize is open only to those who have not won a prize in any of the other categories.

11. All photographs will become the property of WA Undersea Club Inc.

12. Completed entries must be received within 7 days from the date of capture of the fish. One speared fish per entry form.

13. The organisers reserve the right to question any witness, examine the scales used for weighing, or refuse any incomplete or suspect applications. Organisers have final say on prize allocation.

14. I agree that it is my own responsibility that I am physically fit and qualified for engaging in the Mackerel 1000 Competition.

15. I realise that such diving and spearfishing activities inherently have dangers to my person from or caused by currents, sea conditions, sharks, other marine creatures, the activity of other people in boats and in the water and their equipment. I at least have a general understanding of the
term “shallow water blackout”. I realise that the activity of breath-hold diving involves the danger of shallow water blackout, if not conducted with caution and due care on my part.

16. For the consideration of the facilities, equipment, services and advice provided by you, I, for myself, my executors, administrators, assignees, and for the child (if applicable) hereby absolutely release and discharge the West Australian Undersea Club Inc. Including it’s individual members, committee, their agents, appointees and assigns, from and against all claims
whatsoever arising out of the death, personal injury, loss of or damage to personal property, that I or the child (if applicable), may suffer or sustain in any way connected with the abovementioned spearfishing competition. Also, I hereby indemnify and agree to keep indemnified indefinitely, the West Australian Undersea Club Inc. Including its committee its individual
members, their agents, all appointees and assigns against all claims whatsoever, by me or the child or by any person claiming through me, or through the child on my behalf, in any way arising, and this discharge may be pleaded in bar to any such claim.

I have read, understood and agree to the Sign-on form and release agreement, and agree to abide by all the competition’s rules and requirements.