WAUC Short Video Competition Rules

A print friendly PDF version of the rules can be found here

  1. Entry is free and open to all financial WA Undersea Club members.
  2. Entrants must own all footage submitted or have permission from owner of footage. WAUC would prefer newer, unreleased footage to be used.
  3. For videos featuring music, only copyright free music is to be used.
  4. Prizes awarded for Best Edit, Best Raw Footage and Judge’s Choice Award.
  5. All videos submitted are considered eligible for all prize categories. Limit of 1 prize per entrant. No limit of entries.
  6. Videos can be uploaded to the Facebook Page, or WA Undersea Club groups with the hash tag #waucvideo. For management reasons, a high res file needs to be submitted via a Dropbox link or similar. If need be, this can be submitted via thumbstick or usb drive to a committee member.
  7. WAUC reserves the right to share entered videos across all social media outlets.
  8. Best Edit judging will focus on a complete video with a combination of underwater clips, music and editing techniques, spliced together to make a complete short video.
  9. Best Raw Footage judging will focus on best single sequence of events in one clip, without the need to focus on editing. This can be a single clip, or part of an edited video.
  10. Judge’s Choice Award will be judged on the most unusual or unique video. This can be a raw clip, an edited video, a documentary, a sequence of events, a safety video or anything that showcases spearfishing and/or freediving.
  11. WAUC committee has final decision on judging and prize allocation.
  12. Competition will run to 15th June 2021, with winners announced at the AGM shortly after.
  13. For enquiries or personal video submissions, feel free to contact Caleb Moore at [email protected]

A print friendly PDF version can be found