Spearfishing FAQ’s

Spearfishing is a method of fishing where the person dives in the ocean and hunts fish with the aid of a speargun and various other equipment. Spearfishing mostly occurs while freediving on Apnea (breath hold) however it can occur whilst on Scuba although it is illegal in all states except WA.

Spearfishing is the most effective, environmentally friendly, selective form of fishing as:
• There is no by-catch or unintended catch of undesirable species, the same cant be said about the Commercial fishing industry
• No rubbish left behind or major environmental impact, i.e. fishing lines, sinkers, hooks left behind etc
• The diver targets a fish in a one on one dual in its own environment


• Fresh seafood
• Not supporting the damaging commercial fishing industry
• Success when the fish aren’t ‘on the bite’
• Building fitness
• Mateship


Spearfishing also has its inherited risks and is a sport where the hunter can become the hunted.

• Shark attack, sting rays and Jelly fish
• Drowning and Blackout due to lack of oxygen to brain, being stuck under a reef etc
• Being hit by unaware boat skippers

Because of these risks, WAUC encourage safe diving in pairs and no risk taking or dangerous diving practices.

Is Spearfishing dangerous?
It can be like most sports and hobbies, even driving a car there is an inherent danger involved.

Is Spearfishing cruel?
No, the diver aims to kill the fish instantly with a spine shot which automatically paralyses the fish. If not successful with a spine shot the fish is landed within seconds and killed humanely with a spike to the brain. This method is far more humane then letting a fish flop around on the boat floor or go into a bucket where it basically dies of suffocation after many minutes of suffering.

I want to start Spearfishing, where do I start?
Joining WAUC is a good start, WAUC will tell you all you need to know regarding gear, safety, fish, fisheries restrictions and even have a spot for you on a boat trip!

What gear do I need to start out Spearfishing?

• Wetsuit (with hood is preferred)
• Mask and Snorkel
• Fins (freedive fins recommended)
• Diving weights
• Speargun + a dive knife
• Gloves and fin booties
• Float (with dive flag) or a Reel (for big fish)

How much would all this gear cost me?
Depending on which brands/quality you chose however for entry level/mid range level gear approximately $1000 total for the full kit.

Should I buy a Pneumatic or Rubber gun?
This is an age old argument, but both guns will shoot straight and get you fish. It generally depends on individual choice rather then lack of performance.

Why are Freediving fins so long?
So as to give the diver enough propulsion to get under the surface and come back up quickly

Do I need to be a good swimmer to Spearfish?
Not really but good fitness helps, its important to feel comfortable in the ocean. You can spearfish in many types of conditions and can choose your locations to suit your ability and where you feel comfortable.

How do you guys hold your breath for so long?
Great breathhold and diving ability can take many years to master, therefore lots of SAFE diving practice!

How do you dive in Winter, don’t you get cold?
No, with most good wetsuits these days a diver can’t even feel the water at all.

Do you see many sharks whilst diving?
When spearing in the metro area generally not, however outside of the metro area reef sharks are a fairly common sight on most dives but they are more interested in your speared fish then the diver.

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