Standard Competition Rules

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Standard pairs species competition rules


  • Entry is free and open to all financial members of the West Australian Undersea Club Inc. (Excludes Glynn Dromey spearfishing competition)
  • Pairs must dive from the same boat.
  • Unless specified, divers may launch/enter the water from whatever location suits, provided they return to weigh in location in designated time period.
  • Failing to return to weigh in/sign off location before the allocated cut off time will result in disqualification.
  • All WAUC competitions are freedive only.
  • Competitors must be immersed in water at time of spearing fish.
  • All divers are strongly encouraged to use a float and floatline.
  • Boat skipper to ensure dive flag in use whilst divers are in water.
  • Only one fish of each species to be submitted per pair.
  • All local bag and size limits to be adhered to.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of marine sanctuary zones. Anyone diving in a sanctuary will be disqualified.
  • Burleying is only permitted by fish speared on comp day.
  • Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd pairs, most meritorious and a mystery weight fish (open only to those who haven’t won a prize).
  • Competition organiser has final say on prize allocation.
  • Should the day be cancelled, the competition will be postponed to the following day/weekend
  • All fish to be submitted gutted and neck cut. All guts from neck cut back are to be removed. Divers should ensure that fish are thoroughly cleaned. If, however you believe you may have a record fish, certified club scales will be available at the sign off area prior to gutting.
  • Fish are only to be captured on the day, during allocated time period
  • WAUC takes cheating very seriously, anyone caught cheating will be disqualified and banned from future club events.
  • Competition organisers reserve the right to disqualify anyone under suspicion of foul play.