EQUAL RECORD (doesn’t exceed Cameron Cousins 2013 record of 2.084kg by more than 100g)

Fringe-eyed Flathead (Cymbacephalus nematophthalmuscaught 04/01/19 Blake Caddy 2.090kg

Moari sea perch (Lutjanus rivulatus) – Blake Caddy, Caught 03/07/18 ,Dampier, 14.05kg

Swallow-tailed dart – (Trachinotus coppingeri), 15/03/2018 Exmouth 1.80kg Benjamin Coy

Swallotail – (Centroberyx lineatus) Benjamin Coy 16/05/2018 0.44KG

Sea Sweep – (Scorpis aequipinnis) Benjamin Coy 15/06/2018 1.78KG

Yellowspotted Boarfish (Paristiopterus gallipavo) Benjamin Coy 16/05/2018 3.18kg

Huge effort and congratulations to Ben Coy and Blake Caddy for the new club Records! All existing club records can be viewed at;

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