Due to poor light sign-on has changed, it is now 6:30am to 7:10am and the competition will now start at 7:30am and finish at 2:30pm. At 6:00am the officials are setting up and signing on whilst dark.

The Glynn Dromey Memorial Spearfishing Competition 2011.
Please read.

1. The competition is on for Saturday April 16, 2011
2. Due to poor light the competition has been put back 30 mins.

Sign is 6:30am to 7:10am

Start: 7:30am

Finish: 2:30pm

Weigh-in and refreshments at 3:30pm
3. If possible, print off a copy of the species list and keep it in a waterproof bag.… Read more

2011-04-14 By Admin

WAUC member Zoran Djuric, (aka Southwest Spearo) compiled this video using his own vision aswell as vision from Joe Petrovich & David Strickland (aka Dstick)

The video shows what the WAUC is about. Having fun, mateship, having a laugh, observing the ocean and its creatures and if we are lucky getting a feed.

All vision comes from WA from various spots along our beautiful coast line.

Great job Zoran


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2011-02-14 By Admin

Hi guys

This years cray comp is scheduled to be held on Sunday 5th December (weather permiting) The comp is for WAUC financial members only and is free to enter. Crays caught by freediving only are eligible to be entered.

The weigh in is @ 1.30pm in front of the Quokka Arms (Pub) on Rottnest Island (Thompsons Bay)

Heaviest cray, 2 heaviest crays and the mystery weight all get prizes from our generous sponsors

This is a friendly comp with more of an empasis on the social side of things at the weigh in (beer) than rigourous break neck competition. If you need to get a spot on a boat, please call Dave aka Stabby (WAUC dive coordinator) and he will get you a spot reserved on a boat.… Read more

2010-11-25 By Admin

A commercial fisherman caught in possession of more than 1,348 kilograms of pink snapper over his licensed allowable quota was hit with $83,073.90 in fines and costs at Geraldton Magistrates Court.

For further info, click below


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2010-08-25 By Admin

June 30th was the season closure date, for further information check:

http://www.fish.wa.gov.au/docs/media/index.php?0000&mr=734… Read more

2010-07-01 By Admin

crabA reminder that the Cockburn Sound Blue Manna crab season is now closed… Read more

2010-04-30 By Admin

The comp went ahead on Saturday in very trying conditions. Unlike the forecast of 10-15 knots the wind of 20-25 knots southwest made for some interesting. Seas on top of the 1.8metre swell. Certainly in our 5metre phantom centre console it was slow going. We dived in 4 metre viz in 8 metres of water. The viz improved to 5-6 metres, in 20 metres. It was the dirtiest I have ever seen Lancelin water. It may have been due to the recent heavy rain causing Moore River to flow or the silt from the dredging of Fremantle Port brought up by a current.… Read more

2010-03-30 By Admin

Recreational fishers in regional WA are reminded that from next Tuesday, 2 March 2010, they will need a new licence, if they fish (or Spearfish, Ed) from a powered vessel.

The new licence will cost $30 annually, which is less than 60 cents a week and it will help ensure that the State’s fisheries can be better monitored and managed.

For more info visit:


fisheriesRead more

2010-02-24 By Admin

PLEASE read up on the newest fisheries rules below


One of the more significant changes to us is the new Dhufish limit. Its 1 Dhufish per diver or 2 per boat (If there are 2 or more persons on the boat).

Also the addition of the “High Risk Demersal” category of 2 fish ONLY .This category includes spearo favourites Baldchin Grouper, Breaksea Cod, Parrot fish, Dhufish and Pink Snapper to name a few. In simple terms you (the Spearfisherman) may only capture 2 high risk demersal species in total, ie 1 Baldchin and 1 Pink Snapper.

It DOES NOT MEAN you can have 2 Baldchin, 2 Pink Snapper, 2 Breaksea Cod and 2 Parrotfish in your possession.… Read more

2009-12-16 By Admin

The WAUC Annual Rottnest Cray Comp is on
Saturday 12th December 2009 (weather permitting)
Start 6.00am anywhere
End 1.30pm on the Beach in front of the Quokka Arms
Prize Categories
Heaviest bag of Three
Heaviest cray
Mystery weight
Contact Dave Robson 0416 198 948 if you need a boat place
Please note this is for financial member only, if you have received this email we have you recorded as a financial member. If you know someone who wants to come, then as long as they have paid by 12pm Friday the 11th December 2009 then they can enter. Payment can be to any committee member.… Read more

2009-12-06 By Admin